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To back up your library in EndNote, there are two options:

Option Two

To use the 'Save a Copy' command to create an exact copy of your library. Here are the steps: 

  • With a library open, choose Save a Copy from the File menu.
  • Choose where to save it.
  • Click Save.

The new library does not open, it is simply saved to disk.


Option Two

To use the Compressed Library command to save a copy of your library and .data folder together in a compressed file (.enlx) which can be restored later in EndNote. 

  • From the File menu, select Compressed Library (.enlx) and then Create.

  • Select the folder or drive where you are saving which will then give you a Compressed EndNote Library (filename.enlx).

  • You can also use this option to email a copy of your library to yourself or a colleague.

For more help, you can also follow the instructions written by EndNote

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